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Mexican Tree of Life 

Vintage Mexican folk art is my base inspiration. What I love about Mexican folk art is the personality and character each artist brought to their pieces. Playful, colorful and fun is what I wanted "Amigos" to embody. It is both a candle holder and incense burner with a small incense bowl at the base good for cone incense. There are 3 quirky friends hanging out with one another. The piece is hand painted and I also added some touches that remind me of Mexican drip ware. All the leaves are attached with bendable wire. Underneath the base, "Sablan" is embossed into the clay. This tree of life is a signed handmade original piece of artwork by Sablan Ceramics.

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Material: Polychromatic Low Fire Clay

Actual Weight: 2.6 lbs

Height: 10"

Width: 8"

Base width: 5.5"

© Sablan Ceramics

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