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"DESERT ROSE" (on hold)

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Mexican Tree of Life: Mexican Tree of Life
Sablan Ceramics: Sablan Ceramics

Mexican Tree of Life ( on hold for Gasper L until 6pm PST June 16th )

Desert Rose is a one of a kind, handcrafted Mexican Tree of Life candle holder adorned with cactus, birds, flowers and leaves. A colorful hommage to the beauty of the desert life. This piece has been hand sculpted and hand painted inspired by vintage Mexican folk art style of Arbols de la Vida. The colors include turquoise, warm ochre, cherry red, white, walnut brown, salmon, deep orange and sunny yellow. It holds a single candle and most of the leaves and birds are attached with bendable wire. Underneath the base, "Sablan" is embossed into the clay along with the word "Love". This tree of life is a signed handmade original piece of artwork by Sablan Ceramics.

Candle Options: We offer two candle options: (Option #1) Hand cut foil paper flower attached to a 9" white candle. Because each candle is handmade we can not guarantee you will receive the exact same candles shown in photo example. To give you an idea of what the foil paper flower might look like we have provided you some photos in the description highlighting the different variations. (Option #2) Plain white 6" candle (Option #3) No candle

For detailed information on shipping, packaging, return policy and FAQ's please see information links located at the bottom of If you have any other questions about this piece or shipping, please email us at

Material: Polychromatic Low Fire Clay

Actual Weight: 4.8 lbs

Height: 13.5"

Width: 13"

Base width: 5"

© Sablan Ceramics

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