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Mexican Tree of Life

Esperanza is perfect for Dia de los Muertos! This is a large handmade ceramic Mexican Tree of Life with 3 candles. At the base is a skull decorated with a colorful headress with moveable parts. The base of the piece is white and is covered with intricated lace like detail in ink black. Throughout the piece are flowers adorned with angel/butterfly wings to symbolize transformation and the heavens above. The colors include turquoise, teal, Kelly green, Sunkist orange, red, coral, warm yellow, lime green, deep blue, hot pink, lemon yellow and violet. This is a colorful way to celebrate the life of a passed loved one. Underneath the skull, "Sablan" is embossed into the clay.

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Material: Polychromatic Low Fire Clay

Actual Weight: 8 lbs

Height: 17.75"

Width: 16.50"

Depth 6.5"

Base width: 8.5"

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