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Celebrating the Mexican Folk Art Pottery Tradition

"Arbols de la Vida" Trees of Life

These colorful one-of-a-kind ceramic Tree of Life candle holders are hand sculpted and hand painted expressing Vanessa Aquiningoc's artistry while blending it with the spirited traditions of Mexico. She uses vintage Mexican folk art pottery as her base inspiration which plays with bold color, playful form and natural shapes.

The Tree of Life tradition is deeply rooted in the Mexican culture. They were originally adorned with religious themes and given to newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. The tree is a powerful symbol of life, growth and spiritual transformation. Trees of Life can also be found decorating colorful altars during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as a memorial candelabra / remembrance candle to celebrate the life of a past loved one.  


Every Sablan Ceramic Tree of Life unfolds organically as it's being hand sculpted bringing personality and charm to each tree.  No matter if you love color or prefer muted tones, we also offer custom Mexican Trees of Life to match your style and home decor.  Our goal is to bring a celebration of love and joy into your home. Thank you for looking!

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