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How to Care for Your Mexican Tree of Life

Mexican Tree of Life

Vintage Mexican Tree of Life from my personal collection. Attributed to the Castillo family.

If you would like to see more vintage "Arbols de la Vida" visit my Pinterest  or Instagram page.

Because each Mexican Tree of Life is individually hand sculpted and hand painted there will always be slight imperfections which gives each tree a unique charm. To keep true to the folk art traditions of Arbols de la Vida, all Sablan Ceramic pieces are made from low fire clay and are fired at a low temperature. This means the clay particles are only partially fused together which makes the clay a little  bit porous leaving your tree of life naturally prone to staining and water damage.  To help with this, all pieces are covered with a clear coat for protection but underneath the clay is still porous which allows liquids to penetrate. We recommend to keep your tree of life indoors and away from moisture, water and direct sunlight (for fading).  To care for your tree you can wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth.  If you have any further questions, please send an email to and thank you for purchasing a Sablan Ceramic Tree of Life!


Sablan Ceramic Mexican Tree of Life Registration 

Each Mexican Tree of Life holds a special place in our hearts. We would love to be a part of it's new journey so please fill out the information below and be a part of the growing Sablan Ceramic Tree of Life Community!

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