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"DONATO" (Custom Memorial)

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"Donato" means Gift from God, is a custom handmade Mexican Tree of Life Memorial candleholder for a loving father. The main colors are white, pearlescent silver, warm soft pinks, sage and agave. The 5 pink Dahlia flowers (the state flower of Mexico) represent his 5 daughters and were painted pink to represent love surrounding the memory of their father symbolized in the center by an embroidered sombrero, initialed belt and horseshoe, some of the things he loved. From certain angles the pearlescent paint was placed in specific areas to reflect light as you move around the tree. Underneath the base, "Sablan" is embossed into the clay along with the word "Love". This tree of life is a signed handmade original piece of artwork by Sablan Ceramics.

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Material: Polychromatic Low Fire Clay

Actual Weight: 9.2 lbs

Height: 20.5"

Width: 17.5"

Base Diameter: 5"

© Sablan Ceramics

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